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again - police are ssill searching for the car. it's 2010 - silver, ford in northeastt baltimore - melindaaroeder - two... men... charges.../ in... connection... with several kidnappings... sexual assaults.../ in ...the city.../ andd.. baltimore countyy countyyattleastt.. montt.... - n... edmondsonn avenue... and... ingllside... during... the day....///25... year old... william campbell.../ and... 22-year old....kenyon waller... were... arrested last mmnth....//but ... they've... now been... p six... other crimes. (johnson) "the young women gunpoint and drivennto a at - neaaby apartment complex where campbell forred her at gunpoint to perform several sex acts." acts." both campbell... and waller... are... beeng held... without bail... in -&b. the murder triil is et... for the suupect accused of killing a ffostbuug state university
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student on campus. natssriends and familyy of kortneigh mccoy... have formed a gospel group in her mmmmry..n november th 2211... the 19 year old was breaking up a fighh at an oo campus felllw student, shanee liggins stabbed her..ortneigh's mother hopee her dauggter's deathh pill serve as tough lesson to youth about the importance of controlling anger. "i think about her everyday, she coosumes me, t's always so much you wanted to say the in my prayers" prayers" ligginn' trial is sst to begin december 4th. a ccolege student accused of f - killinggher roommate begins
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today.alexis simpson is charged with killing domonique frazier last septeeber in univerrity.prosecutors say she stabbed fraaier over an ipod... but defense attornnys &pccaim it waa selffdefense. testimony is set to behind nexttweek. &p know the cause... o killed... a grandmother ... and... four children... last month ... n... northeast it.... broke ddnwwod avenue..../ killing... p 55... year-old... nancy &pworrell .../ children... ranginggin age... from... 1 to 7...///. investigators... believe... the fire... was caused by... combustible stored... aaainst a - furnacee...//three... others ...were innluding... two firefighters..../ and... worrellls husband... who... umped from ...a.. second floor window. a... ralll... getting underway... as... we speak.../ to... protest... a prooosed... 80... in... east balti. at the war memooral building downttwn... where people have gathered along with reeerend jesse jackson. janice: the reason all hese
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peoppl janice: the reason janice: the reason all theee people have gathhred behind eeis they do that costss80 million dollars &paad 13 million annually tooru to be built. esse jackson ii the keynote speakee and he and others want to see that money instead reinvested in children. children.. vo. this is not thee first rally against the youuh jail. in january oocupy protesters were arreeted aa the propossd sitee this jail would be for proppsed site. this arrested at the against ..vo. this is not the in children. see hat money thers want to speaker and he and the keynote jeese jackson is to runnto be dollars andd13 costs 80 millionndolllrs and 13 million speaker and he and others want to ee that money instead reinvested in children. chhldren. 3 & baltimore's..
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wants... to help... gay couples... plaa... their weddings.../ now... that... maryland voters... passed... question six. six."visit baltimore"... creattd... this website....////t... has... aal thh iiformation... gay couples... need.../ to put ttgether ... a....wwdding... in the city... venues, ..vendorss,.. allo... offers... freeeplanning... and... a... marriage license... from the state... starting january 1. can... find a link... to the pagee.. on ouu weesite...///. go... to... fox bbltimore dot com... slash newslinks. norway's oldest and llrgest sailing essel is visittng lehmkuhl arrived at the iiner harbor this morning... carrying a crew of cadets from the royal norwegian naval academy.this cruise is part of their basicctrainiig.the ship is 98 years old... aad 323 vvssel.ll.... making ittthe - election daay.. will... be remembered a watershed... poment... in... politics...///.it was also the day a howard county woman's tells us what else made this -
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storyyss unique.paul-- the duperre (due- parre) their second was due saturday, but waited ntil uesday to cast her alllt for bbrth. birth. 3&tuesday ornnng-- as america was prepariig forrdemocracy in action..oe duperre: "i'm usually criticaa of ppople who choose not tt vote, butt.. phhre re excuses."a columbia couple traded the ballot box por the hildbirth. brandon:: "i could rellteeto the caal. especialy with that call." chhef: yeah, it's not something that happens ery often..howard county f-d staaion 10... got he ccll from joe duperre at 3 a-m.joe puperre:"she told me, 'it's time. the babyys coming'.. brittany duperre: "in the bathroom. right there on he floor."it all happened in minutes.with brother jay tucked aaay sleeping... and parammdics en route... dad delivered.joe duuerre:"riggt whhn i urnnd, i saw the whole to do was pull the resttof the babb adrienne iris was born aa 3:11 a-m.medics came seconds later.brittany: "reliif. yess phem."bbandon thibeault (tee-
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firefighter:"the corddhad not not been ddlivered yet."ta had - ffrefighters assessed adrienne. duperre:"i was extreeely relieved bbcause i was just worriid aaout the baby and i just wanted to make surr she was ok. iiknew onceethey got there that they'd be able to take care oo itt.bbrt albrecht, firefighter: "it's someonneii tte worlddliie - this."brandon thibeault (tee- "mmde sure her heart rate warmed, and timulated her." - baby adrienne is now the penter of attennion as the she an election ay baby electing .- brittany::"i called one of my cousins nn she didn't believe it."believe it.adrienne shares aa irttday with history. brandon thibeault (tee-belt), howard co. firefighttr:"well, i'mmglad.i'm glad everything went well."and, babysitters at the firehouse whenever mom nn dad call again...((irenss brandon: "oh, deffnitely. it deeiniteey hits home a lot oo the calls do." the firefighters and parameddis at station ten do for joe and brittany.they give special credit to dad joe and a poliie dispatcher who were
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relaying critical information to make sure adrienne wws born witt no problems.paul gessler,, fox45 news at five. how rr thh roads looking tonig? toniiht?brandi proctor has our traffic edge report. rrport. papliierty40shhwaamaps &pphs... 3
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his... second ttrm... hasn't begun..../ but already... the presidentt.. áiimediateá....items... 3 president... are... / the... cuts... and.... across- phe- board... spending ccts... that... could... tooal... 800 pillion dollars... next year../ . along... wwth... filling... two 26-37"...the ppesident has signaled a willingness to doo tax reform to lower atee.. reppblicans have signaled a willingness to accept new revenue if it comes from growth and reform. ss, let's president... he -here...""- must also appoint... aa.. new and... treasury hillary clinton... are... not expected... 3&could puerro rico... ecome
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the 51st state? &pstate?on tuesday... a ajjrit of puerto ricans voted in favoo of staaehood.but citics say the resultssmay hhve been options or puerto rico's polittcal status were liittd in thh questions. aa of now... puerro rrco'ss4 million rrsidents are american &pcitizens... who cannot vote for president. attorney general eic holder... in baltimore today... today...his commmnts abouttthe electioo.... aad... he... eye-opening pommeet he made bout his future. 3 baltimore takes aim at h-i-v in the city.the nee as their buses are carrying and whh some people are callinn tteir p3 --adblib weather tz--
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24-year-old jared 3& 24-year-old jared lee loughnnr... the man that shot anddkilled ix people and wounded many more... including u-s represeetative gabrrelle iffordssin 2011... will spend the rest of hhs life in prison. prison.loughner plead guilty to the shootings and waa sentenceddto life today.. without parole.the hearing mmrked the first time vvctims -- innluding giffords -- could &pconfronttloughner ii ccurt.he husbann spoke on her beealf, saying loughner changed his wife's life forever but couldn't dent her spirit. m-s-n-b-c-'s... chris matthews... hot water... . &pfor comments...// e...
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&pmadee../ after... the... re-election of presiidnt obama...///. he... praised voters... for... eleeting... mr. pbama... whee... he rrferenced... the positive impact... hurricann sanny... had.../ onn.. the presideet's ccmp. campaign. good work for thhm, for america. i'm so glaa we had that storm ast week bbcause i think tte storm was no, pooitically i should say, not in terms of urtingg people. thhse comments cominn in the early morning wednesday... followinggthe president's sandyykilled more ttan aa without power... and caused aa estiiated 33-billion dollars &pin damage. matthews apolooize three in the morningg.. after &ppeing on the air for ten hour. it is trulyya hhoror up heree political thinning.. deep in a worldl of numbers and iisues and people, who would win oo who would lose. but i leff out the number oneejob f anyone on air, to think about the real lives of people. people. matthews says his comments were not 3
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just stupid... they ere wrong. a ccmpaign to get people tested for hiv issprompting some complaiits in baltimoree baltimooe.the city health department is behind ads like these which are starting to appear around the city.some say a reference to the male anatomy is crude aad inappropriattebut the city is hopinggthe ads will saveelives tested. re men to get - that briigs us to our question of the day. day. do you think the ad campaign goes tto far? go to fox-baltimoreedot ccm and tell us what you think. you can also sound off through facebook. send us tweet.. at foxbaltimore. and you can text your answer too45203. enter fox45a for yes.. or fox45b for no. 3 now that the ppesident as secured another our yyars.... obama care is not going away. what you should know moving
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forward. and still trying to pick up the amage from hurricane sandyy... rreidentt in new jersey and new yorr now must deal with the after effects of thh nor'easter. 3 3&--adblib weather tz-- i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office.
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and see why millions have chosen fios over cable. a nor'easter hits new ork and new jersey... just over a week devastated the region.the powerful winter storm is poonding parts oo tth northeast with snow, rain and winds gustiig up to 60-miles an hour. new york mayor michael bloombeeg urged people in low-lying areas to o ordered the evacuation of four located in harm's way.the nor'easter also put recovery
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efforts on hold in new jersey. he still has sense of humor. i hate set backs, don''t usually tolleate them very well but this one, i can't control. the weather is wwat 08871999 :36 i'm waiting for the locusts and pestulants next (laughs)) (laughs).the storm is aadiig insult to injury for more than a half-million people still without powwr after sandyy some long island stranded whee service was ssut pown. -- rract to story -we mmnaaed tt now....great eekenddcominn t - up....hieffmeteorologist vytas reid....
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3 new tonight at 5:30...nnw that exppaded gambling has been approved in maayland... &pone of the biigest names in casino's is ready to put down roots in baltimore city. 3 3&ccty.roots in baltimore nnmes ii cassno's ii onn oo the biggest in maryland...expanded gambling tonight at pollce pollcyefforr to set feedback in his communityy promising to get california. chief in oakland beinn a police baltimore after comes to last month.... ed by council september...approv baats was let's lissen in. innplace tonighh..... finalll ttking place tonight..... let's listen in. in. battsswas unofficially sworr in bbck in september...approvlast month.... comee to baltimore after chief in oakland california. promising tt get feedback in his effort to set p,3 new onight at
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3 police policy
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3 new tonight at thht expanded gambling has been apppoved in of the biggest names in casino's ii readd to put down rrots in baltimore city. obamacare... untain coffee! how do you always have my favorite coffee?
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well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa, and you'll always find your favorite. with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. and i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. obaaacare...
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experts say../. there... are... certain things... you should know ... about... áhowá... thiss channes... the wayy... you... take caree. of your health. 15-31 "taxes, thhre's an inccedible number of taxes built into this law that our viewers may not even be ware of. therr'' a medicare tax, theee's obviously the penalty or ax if you don't buy bussnnsses who may decide not to coverryyu." yyu." states... friday .../ whether ... they'll... set-- up... new... healtt insurance markets../. where... millions of households... will shop p..for... private a spinach mix may be to blame for more than a dozen e- coli i. iifections.the food and drug wegmans brann organic spinach & spring mix may be tied to the illnesses. the supprmarket recalled the produce mix and is wooking ith the f-d-a and &pstate officials. the store is pelling customers not to eat the recalled product ann
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return ffrra full reeunn. b-w-i airport is nammd one of the worst... when t comes to delays.travee and leisure magazineehas the airport the u-s....for delays.the rankings are based on nummers transportation statissicssdata shows thht more than 17- percent of all fllghts out oo b-w-i are delaaed.however, that's a six poiit iiprovement over lasttyear.delays are the worst between two and 11 p-m. "someehing vvry ggod from sandy" sandy..."saved during the hurricane...loggerhead urtle eggs from assateague islann.../ now thee've produced hhtchling.ooly on fox... / get a first look at the newworn at the aquariims rehha center inn baltimmre. 3 --adblib weatherrttz-
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